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Ifaglobal Traditional Ori Mental Health Healing Service

Traditional Ori IFA Mental Therapy Outreach

Receive guidance from your divine inner head (Ori) and establish a stronger connection with your highest self.

We provide IFA Therapy for people who need IFA Professional Priests someone to talk with about problems.


Natural Akose Ifa Spiritual Healing outreach

Heal yourself spiritually and physically with our Natural Akose Ifa blends.

Personalised for your specific needs, Akose is prescribed directly from Ifa in order to provide healing, strength, and protection for your mind, body, spirit and soul. 

Ifaglobal Ifa Divination Ebo Prayer Service

IFA Divination/Ebo

Prayer Outreach

A higher spiritual and physical investigation into your life to help bring you clarity and clear directives on your past, present and near future.

Accelerate the alignment between you and your destiny by uncovering the solutions in the areas of your life that need solving.


IFA Orisa Egungun InitiationInternational Outreach

Obtain a direct connection with Orishas.

Allow their energy to help guide, protect, change and upgrade your Ori in bringing out the better version of you to reinforce your purpose. 

Ifaglobal Community Outreach Yoruba Programs

 Global  Community Outreach Feed Community Programs

 Help contribute in strengthening your community. Everyone deserves an opportunity walk their destiny.

Donate today to help fund global programs for personal life coaching, behavioural social healing, and accelerate personal life changes.

Ifa Traditional Professional

Priests Babalawo & Iyanifa


International Divination &

Public Community Outreach Services 

" IFA Is The Solution To All Human Problems"


Ori Mental Health Outreach Programs
IFA Traditional Healing Divination Programs
Ebo Prayers
IFA Orisa Initiation Programs
Akose IFA Medicine
IFAGlobal Community Outreach Programs
Feed The Homeless Community
Prayer Healing 

Education Lecture Programs
IFA Orisa Books

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We're happy to see over 50,000 people from all over the world seek Ifa to help guide them into walking their true path. Are you next?

Iyanifa was not it!!!!


az átlagos értékelés 1 az 5-ből

Haven’t gotten a reading from here since my first run in with the iyanifa, she made me feel very uncomfortable. Most of the reading just seemed like she was projecting what was going on in her personal life onto me. I think she was in mid psychosis & was having a psychotic break. I spent good money on a crazy lady. I personally don’t recommend going to this particular iyanifa, I found better & recommend you all do to.

Awesome Divination!


az átlagos értékelés 5 az 5-ből

I did not get the name of the person I spoke to but I loved that what I have been thinking about it and doing it was confirmed especially how I want to connect with my ancestors and what I need to do in order to be on the right path on this planet and acquire the success I desire. I am especially keen on finding out more on the ancestors who are more like me in mindset. I loved that it was confirmed that my Ori or higher mind is and has been guiding me to that moment I had the reading and to more things to come in the future. I absolutely look forward to working more with IFA Global so that I can discover my ancestors and be on my right path in life!

Best Ifa team


az átlagos értékelés 5 az 5-ből

I would like to thank the team Ifaglobalsite for all their hard work In helping me on my journey. They have saved my life countless times. I’ve successfully gotten through two important legal matters with the help of doing ebos and getting the hand of ifa. My life continues to shift for the better. The team is always responsive and available to assist me with any problems I face. Their guidance and teachings have groomed my character over the years. Consistency is key, having faith and trusting the process is important for positive changes. If I can do then you can do it. I am forever grateful and I can’t imagine my life without the ifa system, especially with trusted priests from Ifaglobalsite.


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